The Cars

The original 1937 mod for rFactor features two different classes of cars:  Grand Prix and Voiturette.  The Grand Prix cars are a bit more powerful than the Voiturettes, and thus are more difficult to drive.  The Voiturettes have 1500 cc power and are easier to handle — but slower than the Grand Prix entries.

Car selection is now open — please select one Grand Prix car and one Voiturette car by using the comment function below.  PLEASE NOTE — There are 15 Grand Prix cars and 10 Voiturette cars. In the event that more than 10 drivers register for the series, we will allow more than one driver to select a particular Voiturette.  Sim driver(s) names and nationalities appear in bold type.


Daimler-Benz AG (Grand Prix Class)

mercedes2#2  (free)

mercedes3#3  Leo Menegucci (Brazil)

mercedes4#4  Jason White (United States)

mercedes5#5  Don Yourth (Canada)

mercedes6#6  Shaun Hutchinson (Great Britain)


Alfa Romeo (Grand Prix Class)

alfa40#40  Francesco Giovannini (Italy)

alfa42#42  Bart De Vos (Belgium)

alfa44#44  Alessio Campigotto (Italy)  [ROUND 7]

alfa46#46  Tomislav Sviben (Croatia)

alfa48#48  Simon Wattman (Sweden)


Auto Union AG (Grand Prix Class)

au1#1  Péter Láng (Hungary)

au7#7  (free)

au8#8  Teemu Toikka (Finland)

au9#9  Alex Barresi (Italy)

au12#12  Mark Barresi (Italy)


ERA Works (Voiturette Class)

ERA17#17  Alessio Campigotto (Italy)  [ROUND 8]

ERA18#18  Don Yourth (Canada)

ERA19#19  Shaun Hutchinson (Great Britain)

ERA20#20  Bart De Vos (Belgium) / Alex Barresi (Italy)

ERA22#22  Jason White (United States)


Maserati (Voiturette Class)

20mas#20  Tomislav Sviben (Croatia)

30mas#30  Simon Wattman (Sweden) / Leo Menegucci (Brazil)

46mas#46  Teemu Toikka (Finland) / Mark Barresi (Italy)

48mas#48  Péter Láng (Hungary)

54mas#54  Francesco Giovannini (Italy)


29 Responses to “The Cars”

  1. until the bugatti is found bagsy #8 Hans Stuck (Germany)

    • LOL — We aren’t selecting cars just yet. I just got the forum up and running.
      We will announce when the selection is to begin.
      Have you tried the Auto Union yet?

  2. Richard Coxon Says:

    Tazio and B Bira please

  3. Can I please have a Daimler-Benz AG. number 6 maybe 🙂 Cheers!

  4. Can I please have the ERA Works #19

  5. Peter Lang Says:

    I’d like the #1 Auto union and if we got to choose even a voiturette car then please the #48 maserati with Laszlo Hartmann

  6. Full name: Tomislav Sviben
    Country: Croatia
    Grand Prix team of choice: Alfa Romeo, number 46
    Voiturette Class: Maserati, number 20

  7. Mike Becnel Says:

    Daimler #2
    ERA #17

  8. Teemu Toikka Says:

    #8 Auto Union
    #46 Maserati please

  9. Franseco Giovannini Says:

    Hi from Italy
    speach little english
    maybe miss some race for travel…
    yours 3 url for east london don’t runs..
    alfa romeo 40
    maserati 54
    I love this 37 mode

  10. Bart De Vos Says:

    Can I have the 42 Alfa Romeo and 20 voiturette?


  11. Leo Menegucci Says:

    Hey guys! Can I join with the season already started?

    Daimler-Bens #3, and any Maserati availeble (#30 ok?)

  12. Alex Barresi Says:

    My brother Mark ask to join this league, if this is possible he prefere Auto Union #12 and Maserati #46.
    He tried to leave a message yesterday, with negative result.
    Regards, Alex and Mark Barresi.

  13. RIchard Coxon Says:

    Hi, am going to have to release my cars, Haven’t really got time to race them. Sorry guys

  14. Don Yourth Says:

    I’ve just requested Merc #5 as my ride in the GP class. Looking forward to my first outing as Sax67.

    Nice to see my old commrades…Alex & Mark Barresi…from the UKGPL in the wars here.


  15. Mike Becnel Says:

    Please free up both of my cars Jason. I can’t keep a connection.

  16. Don Yourth Says:

    Hi, gang! I should like to nominate my Voiturette Class selection. Please set aside ERA #18 as driven by Prince Birabongse Bhanudej Bhanubandh.

    CYA @ Bremmie! 🙂


  17. Alessio Campigotto Says:

    Hi Jason, could I book the #17 ERA for Round 8?

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