Series Rules


What follows are the official rules for our upcoming GP 1937 series (updated June 8, 2013):

rFactor Mod

We will be using the Original 1937 mod by Team Vintage. We will also be using this patch to correct an Alfa Romeo spinner bug.


Competitors will be required to use their actual name on the server (first and last name).

Car Selection

Once car selection has begun (May 10, 2013), drivers may choose from this list of cars.  Each driver will select one Grand Prix car and one Voiturette car by using the comment function on the Car page. PLEASE NOTE — There are 15 Grand Prix cars and 10 Voiturette cars. In the event that more than 10 drivers register for the series, we will allow more than one driver to select a particular Voiturette. Substitute drivers are allowed during the series provided the admins are made aware of them prior to race day. If a driver wants to switch cars during the season, he/she must clear this with one of the admins first. For the sake of continuity, switching cars may only be done once.

Championship Points

Unlike modern F1 points, the 1937 points system worked in reverse — meaning the less points you accumulate, the better your position in the championship.  Points are applied to all drivers, whether they are registered for the full series or are simply guest drivers.
The following scheme will apply to each round:

Winner —> 1 point
2nd place –> 2 points
3rd place –> 3 points
Completed more than 75% of the race –> 4 points
Completed between 50% and 75% –> 5 points
Completed between 25% and 50% –> 6 points
Completed less than 25% –> 7 points
Disqualified –> 8 points
Did not participate –> 8 points*

*If a driver registers for or guest drives in the series after it has started, they are assessed 8 points for each round they missed prior.

One overall championship will be awarded in the series.

The driver with the least points accumulated after 8 rounds shall be the Overall Champion.

Race Format

Our 1937 series will consist of two test races followed by eight rounds (the test races will not count towards the championship total). Four races will be Grand Prix class and four will be Voiturette class.  Races take place every other weekend. Competitors are encouraged to practice on their own offline, before race day. The server name and location will be posted on individual race announcements. Each round will begin with qualifying, which will last 45 minutes. A short warmup session will follow. The race will then commence, generally lasting around 45 minutes. Each race will have a standing start with no formation lap. No restarts will be allowed, so prudence on the start is strongly encouraged. Pit stops are not required during the race. There will be no pit speed limit unless otherwise announced.

Driving Aids

The only driving aid allowed in this series will be the autoclutch. All other aids must be turned off.
The race day server will enforce this policy automatically.


Competitors are asked to keep chatting to a bare minimum during qualifying so everyone can concentrate. While chatting is allowed during warmup, it is strictly forbidden during the race.

Driving Etiquette

– Drivers are expected to be courteous to one another. Blocking or weaving to prevent an overtaking manuever is not allowed. Intentionally contacting another driver is not allowed.

– Overtaking under a yellow flag is also prohibited except in the case of overtaking a stationary or damaged car.

– Short cuts to improve one’s track position are strictly prohibited.

– If you have an off-course excursion, you are expected to wait for the track to clear completely before rejoining the race.

– When you are shown the blue flag, you must yield to the car behind you at the first reasonable opportunity.

– If a driver feels someone has violated these rules, they can request a stewards enquiry on the forum. If the admins agree that a violation occurred, the driver in question could be given a warning, a time penalty or even a 1-race ban depending on the severity of the infraction.

Application/Interpretation of the Rules

The admins alone are qualified to apply and interpret the above rules.


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