Date | Time:  August 18, 2013  |  18:00 GMT+2

Server Name:  GP 1937 Series

Server Number:

Location:  Sweden

Type:  Fantasy road circuit  |  8.133 miles (13.118 km)

Distance:  10 laps  |  81.33 miles  (131.18 km)

Cars:  Voiturette class only

Circuit Download:  Northsweden 1.0

NOTE:  Server will only be active on race day at the time of the event. We encourage you to practice offline with autoclutch ONLY  🙂



18:00 —>  Qualifying Session  (45 minutes)

18:45 —>  Warmup  (15 minutes)

19:00 —>  Race  |  10 laps  (apx. 40 minutes)


5 Responses to “ROUND 6 | NORTH SWEDEN”

  1. Marco Barresi Says:

    Hallo guys, i can’t participate next two races, seeyou last race in finland.

  2. Don Yourth Says:

    With the re-scheduling, I hope that you can make this round, Mark.

    After the fps horror I experienced on the startline at Grenzlandring, I’m going to sit out qualifying and voluntarily start at the back. Don’t want a repeat of that!


    • In graphics options, set shadows=medium and disable special effects (smoke is very bad managed in rFactor), this give you better fps at very low cost in quality’s image.
      Decrease resolution only if you go down 30 fps along the track, try to start in last position against 9 AI players, i have about 48 fps in these conditions and i can drive well.

  3. […] let’s try this […]

  4. Don Yourth Says:

    Thanks for the tips, Alex. I’ll certainly try those prior to our snowball fight. 🙂


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