Date | Time:  July 21, 2013  |  18:00  GMT+2

Server Name:  GP 1937 Series

Server Number:

Location:  Wegberg, Germany

Type:  Temporary high-speed oval | 5.595 miles (9.004 km)

Distance:  15 laps  | 83.925 miles  (135.064 km)

Cars:  Grand Prix class only

Circuit Download:  Grenzlandring 1952 1.55 by f1edition

NOTE:  Server will only be active on race day at the time of the event. We encourage you to practice offline with autoclutch ONLY  🙂



18:00 —>  Qualifying Session  (45 minutes)

18:45 —>  Warmup  (15 minutes)

19:00 —>  Race  |  15 laps  (apx. 30 minutes)


11 Responses to “ROUND 5 | GRENZLANDRING”

  1. Best time so far: 1 minute 57.3 seconds in the W125
    Top speed of 197 miles per hour!

  2. I made 2 minute 03 seconds and the top speed was only 175 mph with Alfa.

  3. petimetal Says:

    Hmm, 2.00,2 here, but the reliability and concentration will determine the race, as it’s very hard to keep the car on the road near the limits.

  4. Don Yourth Says:

    Best spool it up a little, boys. 1:55’s here.

  5. Don Yourth Says:

    Pretty sure I saw 197mph, Jason. Not sure. My eyes were closed most of the time.



  6. Don Yourth Says:

    A little too early to say, fellas, but I may be MIA for this round. Tomorrow, the 21st, is my elder son’s 17th birthday and there’s every likelihood that my attentions will be elsewhere. We’ll see…


  7. 1:56.8 now. Top speed still 197 mph.

  8. Don Yourth Says:

    Grats to Leo for a splendid drive! Fast and accurate and that’s not easy anywhere in these beasts.

    Well done to both Alex & Mark for claiming podium slots in their Audis.

    I threw away a possible P2 finish by losing the handle on my Merc a couple of times. That it wasn’t dashed to bits was just luck.

    My profound apologies…especially to Peter…for the nonsense start. When I joined the grid, my screen plummeted to all of 4 fps and I had no control whatsoever when the lights went green. I was tempted to call for a restart as I just knew that I’d messed up other runners. The problem may have been due to have too many sounds dialed up. I’ll look to scale that back and hope for better performance in future. The frames did bounce back to normal once everyone had cleared off.


  9. petimetal Says:

    No Problem Don, i was so angry of racing here, this track is too fast and nonsense IMO. Wasn’t really caring about what will happen in the race. Not concentrating enough after a day out in the sun, and knowing after this race i’ll have to complete a 2,4 hour Le Mans race. Hope next round I’ll complete better!

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