Date | Time:  June 23, 2013  |  18:00  GMT+2

Server Name:  GP 1937 Series

Server Number:

Location:  Germany

Type:  Temporary road circuit  |  5.426 miles (8.751 km)

Distance:  10 laps  |  54.26 miles  (87.51 km)

Cars:  Grand Prix class only

Circuit Download:  Sachsenring 1967 1.30 by Slider916/Cammel

NOTE:  Server will only be active on race day at the time of the event. We encourage you to practice offline with autoclutch ONLY  🙂




18:00 —>  Qualifying Session  (45 minutes)

18:45 —>  Warmup  (15 minutes)

19:00 —>  Race  |  10 laps  (apx. 40 minutes)


17 Responses to “ROUND 3 | SACHSENRING”

  1. Don Yourth Says:

    Hi, fellas! 🙂

    I just signed on to the league today. I’m quite enthused to try some league racing with the GP37 monsters. I’ve practiced at most all the circuits including Sax67 to date to guage my speed. There’s a chance I’ll miss the race if I go to Mosport for a club race on the 23rd so it’s a 50-50 proposition at this point. Might go on the 22nd. Time will tell.

    racing as DoniXXX

  2. Don Yourth Says:

    Hello, Jason! 🙂

    Looking more and more like I’ll make the race. The weather forecst for the weekend’s club races at Mosport are not pleasant. Beastly hot c/w thunderstorms. No thanks. Been there enough times under those conditions.

    If I may, I’d like to nominate Merc #5 as my GP-class ride. TY.

    Would the server be available for pre-race practice in the days running up to the event?


    • We only run the server on race day; Simon usually launches it a few minutes before qualy is scheduled to begin.
      When practicing offline, make sure all aids except auto clutch are off, mechanical failures are off and damage is at 30% 🙂

      • Alex Barresi Says:

        Ciao Doni, it’s little this world…
        Jason, a curiosity: there is a particular reason to have no mechanical failures ?

      • We’ve found it is too easy to blow the engine when mechanical failures are on. We want as many to finish as possible 🙂

  3. Leo Menegucci Says:

    Really hard track with the Merc. What lap times have you guys been doing. My best is 3:08.4

  4. Don Yourth Says:

    I’m thinking that the start time of…18:00 GMT +2…translates to 14:00(2pm)my local time. My residence in Keswick, Ontario, is just a one hour’s drive north of Toronto.

    Can someone kindly confirm this?


  5. Don Yourth Says:

    WHOA! I’m glad you posted that, Jason. I see now how that is determined. Currently, on DST, I’m 4 hours behind GMT. The ‘+2’ makes it 6 hours, net. 18:00 becomes 12:00(noon). Thanks, again.


  6. Don Yourth Says:

    Only one last thing to ask.

    Is there a password for the GP37 server?


  7. petimetal Says:

    It’s really hard with the Auto Union. I did 3.08.9, but hard to keep the car on the road even for one lap, can’t really imagine what I’d do for ten laps

  8. Mike Becnel Says:

    Disconnected again – I’m done.

  9. Don Yourth Says:

    Grats to Mark on a dominating victory! Super job all ’round.

    Brother Alex makes it a family affair with a solid P2. Well done.

    I’m quite pleased to score a podium in my debut with the league as, quite frankly, just to survive the 10 laps without getting dashed to bits in the German countryside is a moral victory in and of itself. There were times when I held my breath, tho. Hehe…

    A great run by Simon to net P4 in the Alfa. WOW! That was quite the start there, bud! Flew by me like a rocket! 🙂

    Mike: I feel for you, bud. In another rF league that I ran a while back, I had no end of connection bugs. Couldn’t stay on the server for more than 10-15 minutes at a time. Many times, less than that. Most frustrating. Never did iron out the bug.


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