Date | Time:  June 9, 2013  |  18:00  GMT+2

Server Name:  GP 1937 Series

Server Number:

Location:  Brooklands | Surrey, United Kingdom

Type:  Permanent road circuit  |  2.267 miles  (3.648 km)

Distance:  20 laps  |  45.34 miles  (72.96 km)

Cars:  Voiturette class only

Circuit Download:  Brooklands 1.50 by Bernard Dupaul

NOTE:  Server will only be active on race day at the time of the event. We encourage you to practice offline with autoclutch ONLY  🙂

This race will use the Campbell Circuit layout, so make sure you are practicing with the correct configuration!



18:00 —>  Qualifying Session  (45 minutes)

18:45 —>  Warmup  (15 minutes)

19:00 —>  Race  |  20 laps  (apx. 40 minutes)


8 Responses to “ROUND 2 | CAMPBELL TROPHY”

  1. Alex Barresi Says:

    i’m Alex Barresi, an italian driver that ask you to participate at Brooklands race.
    If this is possible, please assign me ERA car of your choice.
    Regards, Alex.

    • You may log on with any ERA you like; we allow duplicate Voiturette cars on track due to the limited number in the mod. Do you plan on racing the entire series or just one event?

      • Alex Barresi Says:

        I try to do only this event, ATM.
        I love these cars, but they are too difficult to drive, this mod is the “tekken” of rFactor mods, we have to fight all the time against the car and i’m not sure to be capable to drive a GP car in a decent way.
        After this race i decide what to do, see you on track.

  2. Mike Becnel Says:

    This time I will find the $%^&ing server!

  3. Leo Menegucci Says:


  4. Mike Becnel Says:

    Thunderstorm took out my internet at lap 6 or so. Lovely. I had a horrid start anyway…mercy kill by the thunderstorm 🙂

  5. Alex Barresi Says:

    Test ok for me, i can drive in acceptable way and i start to like this mod: also if cars are difficult to drive and physics is not realistic, car behavior is predictable and it’s very pleasant to drive these beasts, i had great fun in this race also if i was alone on track.
    If possible, i should want to drive ERA #20 and Auto Union #9 in this champ.

  6. Alex Barresi Says:

    I have to retire all my words about bad physics of this mod, and sorry to developers for my bad initial evaluation.
    I had 1937 mod installed over Hystorix, and was this mixture that give me car behavior very oversteering in all conditions.
    Now i have a rFactor installation dedicated at this mod, and it’s all another music: great realism and very good control of the car, also in GP class.

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